Welcome to the Discord4J wiki!

If you are looking for the javadocs they can be found here.

This wiki will demonstrate some sample use cases of the D4J API and code examples of more complex concepts such as the RequestBuffer and event listeners.

Topics covered: - Basic bot structure with examples - Events and listeners - RequestBuffer usage and ratelimits - EmbedBuilder usage and explanation - Audio playing with Lavaplayer - Role Management - FAQ and common issues

This wiki is up to date as of commit bc08b91.

I want to contribute!

All suggestions and pull requests are greatly appreciated and help improve the overall quality of the wiki as I'm sure there's plenty of mistakes or bad writing in here somewhere.

All the docs are stored on the github repo under the "docs" folder, to submit your own changes, simply fork the branch (dev), edit the files and then submit a pull request like you would do with code.

Help I just want a bot that works!!!

This wiki is written under the assumption that the user wishes to read and understand the various components of D4J. If you just want to import something and then press play and have something that works check out the starter bot here: https://github.com/decyg/d4jexamplebot/

Some example commands are written in the CommandHandler class.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the wiki please mention any of the admins on the official D4J help server.